Our Participation

With Expo 2020 Dubai to be the first world-largest event held offline post-pandemic, we are in for a lifetime experience where every country in the world is coming together to celebrate warm fellowship and reconciliation. From 1 October 2021–31 March 2022, Indonesia will bring the theme “Creating the Future from Indonesia to the World” as an opening remark to attract traders, investors, and tourists worldwide to share stories of our growth and vision for a sustainable future.


Ready TO EXPO 2020

Pavilion Story

· Taking place in the Opportunity District, the Indonesia Pavilion awaits visitors to experience an unforgettable journey of exquisite culture and history while retaining a story of “Being ahead of its time.”

· Shaped with diversity, the Indonesia Pavilion will showcase an archipelago full of opportunities from potential global partnerships, natural wonders, craftsmanship, and emerging technologies. At the same time, kept maintaining the origin of diverse culture & tradition Indonesia had to offer. The Indonesia Pavilion promises to provide opportunities for potential global investors and captivate interest to every family member.


As a powerhouse, Indonesia's development is proliferating in all sectors. Take a closer look at our progress as we build a multi-facet ecosystem, human capital, and continuous effort to create a better future for Indonesia and the world.

Besides taking robust steps to create a future-ready nation, Indonesia is fully aware of the condition of our world’s well-being. Learn more how Indonesia accelerates the improvements of lives and commits to a sustainable future of our planet.


From Indonesia to The World

Amidst Indonesia's vast youth population, Indonesia maximizes its participation at Expo 2020 Dubai to further tell a story of how our future-ready generations are ready to contribute to make the world a better place.

By a tremendous increase of innovative projects on tactical movement to preserve our earth’s natural beauty and an on high demand of business start-ups we can assure you, our contribution to the world will have a massive impact on our world’s prosperity.

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With more than 17 thousand islands throughout the archipelago and more than 400 cultural tribes,Indonesia proudly showcases its rich diversity of culture, nature, commodities, and untapped potential to the global community in The Indonesia Pavilion.

Now, visiting the Indonesian pavilion is more pleasant with an updated schedule of cultural performances, business matching programs, business forums, and even the nation's best products catalog at your fingertips.

Trade Expo

For the past few years, Indonesia has achieved a positive trend of export growth in a variety of products and services to the global market, which has to be both maintained and improved further, because Indonesia is also competing with other countries in exploring global opportunities.


News Highlights

Keep up with The Indonesia Pavilion's activities at Expo 2020 Dubai through our news releases and daily footage.